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Magnets custom why will have a minimum quantity of a requirement? —Magnet manufacturer solution

by:Maghard      2020-09-07

To the question of the magnets custom such minimum quantity is the key to the success of open cooperation, though on this side of the magnet manufacturer offer can be done very have the sincerity, but the most basic profit or the enterprise survival, doing business at a loss? Excuse me, does not exist. Magnets custom must be have a minimum quantity requirement, don't say is the magnet has 10 years of production experience in magnetic industry magnet manufacturer, don't even receive orders for custom a small workshops. Part shape of magnet products related basic, minimum quantity standard is the precondition of cooperation is only a basic requirement of the factory side. A minimum quantity on this side of the magnet is 10000, ten eight processing custom service, not a magnetoelectric unqualified present for you, but as its own factories, amount of profit is not routine, both want to manufacturers ex-factory price, and just want to take retail? This kind of demand, magnetoelectric really can't compromise. Magnet production equipment manufacturer part shows the magnet is the minimum quantity of an order for custom since 10000, this is the magnet manufacturer's bottom line, is the late uniform production, rather than the scattered operation of the basic. Hope to have the batch customization customers can be further consultation                                

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