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A magnet uncovered a fraud

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
The old battery Mr Han in a magnet to avoid the own more than ten thousand yuan of economic losses, also helped the police uncovered fraud cases together. Wang mou, zhang has been suspected of fraud arrested according to law. Mr Han from anhui province is engaged in the business of purchasing waste battery in xiaoshan, on October 18 at around 4 PM, got a call from Mr Han, the other party say they have LiuQiDun electric bicycle of waste battery in xinchang, asked Mr. Han for ever. Mr Han first a happy heart, but a hear is hsin chong, and a knot in one's heart. Because recently, he listened to peer through a said to hsin chong bought 1048 'waste battery, the whole is made up of two pieces of iron, two pieces of marble and glue, cement and a beautiful shell do fake goods, such as the arrival a found deceived lookup, the vendor already shop floor empty, a loss of 90000 yuan. But Mr Han sincerity feeling each other on the phone, the price is cheap, then promised to pick up the next day. Mr. Han to younger brother and two other friends, four people after careful preparation, the second day morning at 8 o 'clock came to the place agreed in the xinchang town seven bridge. The 'king of the boss' store, I saw small store is filled with various battery sizes. Mr Han casually picked up a set of battery carefully study, quietly the battery near their own pockets, immediately feel pocket senior magnets produced a great attraction. Because really battery should be copper, at this time he knew the 'waste battery must be fake. In order to delay the time, Mr Han deliberately called 'the king of the boss' rent a tractor to carry goods, he pretend to want to take money to the bank, out into trying to call the police. Only great heavy 'boss wang insisted that Mr Han went to the bank, Mr Han declined after playing directly to the seven stars in the local police station. Local police station immediately organized in two civilian police to the scene, will be waiting in the doorway 'boss wang red-handed. Not the majesty of the law, and the other a suspect zhang on October 23, surrendered. Preliminary examination, wang mou, who lives in shengzhou village of three out of town; Zhang, who lives in the town of shengzhou Shi Huang creek east village. Both of them in early September at a friends get to know each other, when drinking about the old battery recycling is a good business, so the thought of cooking the battery idea to make a lot of money. They buy from zhuji, xinchang, battery shell, iron, marble, cement and other materials, a cement factory in shengzhou three inside produced more than 2000 set of electric bicycle battery. To camouflage, also near the lotus pool, seven-star bridge in xinchang city lake rented a room two stores, began plotting to fraud. On October 12, they sold 1048 fake battery to xiaoshan a pile of illegal income of more than 90000 yuan. On October 19, they repeat, intends to nearly 10 ten thousand - yuan fake battery sold to Mr Han, xiaoshan only authority is very clever, fraud is canny Mr Han see through.
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