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A simple introduction of square powerful magnets

by:Maghard      2020-10-04
Our company is a professional production and processing of ndfeb strong magnet enterprises, more than 200 existing slicing machines, main processing of magnets: wafer magnets, square magnet, ring magnets, punching magnets, magnet and various specifications of the convex shaped magnets, have special magnetizing fixture, the magnetization, the magnetization and multilevel diode can do Permanent magnet ac motor is referring to the polyphase synchronous motor with permanent magnet rotor, used mainly adopts with aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite magnetic tile, as the power demand is higher and higher, with aluminum nickel and cobalt ferrite due to low magnetic energy product can't meet the requirements, ndfeb magnetic tile now it is widely used in the field of high-power synchronous motor and generator. Ndfeb magnetic tile, of course, because of precious rare earth resources, raw materials prices doubled, the manufacturing cost and produce prices will continue to improve in the future, affect its extensive use in the field of some low-end. Nd-fe-b itself of negative temperature coefficient, low Curie temperature, high temperature limits its situation of application. Magnetic tile according to different application fields, have different requirements for performance and magnetic field wave form, as the rotor field, its outer surface table field requirement is high, the basic requirements for sine wave waveform, the stator, then according to the requirements of the motor output, select the requirement of the spark and noise, as the stator magnetic tile, tile arc high table field, because of magnetic tile itself shape and nature of production, the main waveform as saddle, the waveform output is big, but the spark noise, no-load current. In order to improve the vibration noise, commutation spark, reduce no-load current, magnetic steel shape, size, mould design and so on to elaborate design, different thickness of magnetic tile has been widely used, such as its principle is to make the magnetic tile arc within the air gap magnetic field waveform to flat wave. Magnet magnetic has a lot of places, in the flourishing today industrial civilization development, there are still many unknown fields for us to explore, for more detailed information on the square ferrite magnet please login:
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