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A simple overview of ndfeb magnets custom!

by:Maghard      2020-08-28
A simple overview of ndfeb magnets custom! Ndfeb magnets custom in the current applied very widely in many industries, so the custom will have a variety of custom magnets questions appear, as a professional magnet manufacturer magnets, the question is summarized as magnet shape and electroplating and performance. First of all, in the shape of ndfeb magnets custom, we put the shape is divided into: circular magnets, rectangular magnets, wafer magnets, magnet, double sink sink hole hole magnets, straight hole type magnet, ring magnets, magnet, tile spherical magnets, magnet, trapezoidal magnet sector, shapes of special-shaped magnet magnet. Second on electroplating, we custom manufacturer ndfeb magnet main electroplating way has two kinds of galvanized, nickel plated copper and nickel. Ndfeb magnet performance mainly N30 - custom N52 all kinds of brand, the brand choice according to the customer actual demand for choice. Above is the ndfeb magnets custom manufacturer customer is summarized in the custom ndfeb magnets in some doubt, if you have other questions you can ask our consulting yo.
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