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A strong magnet and the relationship between the vibration sensor

by:Maghard      2020-09-29
Powerful magnet and the relationship between vibration sensor magnetoelectric sensor is mainly used for vibration measurement. Don't need a stationary base of inertial sensor as a reference benchmark, it is directly installed on the vibration of body measurement, thus the ground vibration measurement and airborne vibration monitoring system for a wide range of applications. Common ground vibration sensors have moving iron type vibration sensor, the coil speed sensor, etc. ( A) 。 Powerful magnet in the application of aeroengine vibration sensor, all kinds of large motor, air compressor, machine tools, vehicles, sleeper vibration table, chemical equipment, all kinds of water, gas pipelines, Bridges, high-rise buildings, such as the vibration monitoring and research the magnetoelectric sensor is available. ( 2) 。 The working characteristic of vibration sensor vibration sensor is typical of lumped parameter m, k, c second order system. As the inertia ( Absolute) Type vibration sensor, asked to choose the larger mass m and smaller spring constant k. So, under the high vibration frequency, because of the large mass of inertia and the approximate relative stationary earth. At this time, the vibration body ( With the sensor shell) Relative displacement of the mass (y Output) Can truly reflect the amplitude of vibration body relative to the earth x ( Input) 。 Strong magnet manufacturers expand knowledge: rare earth permanent magnet motor used in domestic in the aviation aspect has carried out a large number of research, but in the speed and scale of the practical application and the technical level and application level of developed countries there are many gaps. Still need to intensify development in the following aspects: 1, to further improve the reliability, speed up the pace of engineering application. Particularly in the rare earth permanent magnet high temperature resistance to demagnetization capability, control circuit, position sensor has more reliability test and exploration; 2, development of high precision, wide speed than the high performance of rare earth permanent magnet motor speed regulation system and servo system, to meet the need of high precision electric power system. 3, the redundancy ( More than three degrees, more than four degrees) Electric actuation technology to replace hydraulic actuation technology; 4, the research of rare earth permanent magnet motor servo system of high performance and practical control strategy. Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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