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A strong magnet as a mature industrial products

by:Maghard      2020-10-01
Ndfeb magnet application situation at present in China: the application in the field of high technology products accounted for 37%, such as magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) , mobile phones, voice coil vibration, hard disk drives ( VCM) , CD, DVD, CD - ROM) Drive main shaft, electric tools and electric vehicles, etc. Application in the field of traditional low-standard products accounted for 63%, such as audio devices, magnetic adsorption device, magnetic separation, and magnetizing apparatus, etc. Speakers and headphones is a traditional permanent magnet applications. Powerful magnet as a mature industrial products, rare earth permanent magnet material appeared in the same output power and the sound quality is not used after ndfeb permanent magnets can reduce the size and increase performance. At present, the rare earth permanent magnet speaker and headset has applied to the senior walkman and other fields. With the development of technical innovation to the high fidelity and acoustic equipment miniaturization, requires the use of higher performance magnets, in the field, ndfeb permanent magnet materials has been widely used. Powerful magnet as a mature industrial products has been around for a long time in the market, since 1982, has had more widely used in many fields, due to the similar products in the same volume contrast, have higher magnetic effect, because the parts are widely used in more detail. And according to the market to adjust the economy, of a powerful magnet material prices have remained in a relatively stable price, the powerful magnet long time relative price fluctuations is not very big, then what's the reason that led to this result? Is the quality! Quality is a kind of product to keep production and sales, the root causes of this on the powerful magnet material is universal. Ndfeb strong magnet in the development of the price of success is very high, is the endogenous production in the market is very small, at a time when many after the demand to raise prices to get this kind of magnetic material, but with the expansion of the production, the increase of production, the production and demand in the market is relatively stable, the factors which can affect the price of the most important is the quality. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. Our company is located in dongguan city based wangniudun block cao beijiao town five chung village industrial zone, the company can provide customers 24 hours delivery, 36 hours to the customers specifications template. Magnet experts will find magnet products co. , LTD. , dongguan city, pack your satisfaction, more information you can view our company website/magnet. This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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