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by:Maghard      2020-08-17
Ndfeb strong magnet advantages as follows: strong magnet cost-effective: the value of a powerful magnet in each aspect is higher than ordinary magnet, its strong magnetic force, stable resistance, heat resistance, suitable for precision of tolerance of notting have is not the advantage of powerful magnets so prices are slightly higher than the ordinary magnet is taken for granted. Both low in high-end general is given priority to with the powerful magnet. Powerful magnet hardness hard: powerful magnets added rare element density, than ordinary magnet for hard a lot. Powerful magnets with high precision, strong magnet tolerance can be done to plus or minus 0. 05, even lower, and ferrite is generally difficult to achieve powerful magnets easy machining special-shaped: don't need to open mold for the magnet perforation, slotting, cutting processing. We are professional manufacturer of aluminum and iron boron strong magnetic, we welcome the advisory!
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