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About the 'magnetic king' - Ndfeb magnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-22
By our name is called the king of magnetic magnet ndfeb magnets, it is a kind of artificial manufacture permanent magnet, permanent magnet is the strongest magnetic powerful magnets, is the strongest, there is no one! It is the chemical formula of Nd2Fe14B, Chinese reading method for ndfeb magnets. Neodymium magnets, a Japanese scientists invented in 1982, through the chemical formula, in front of us is not hard to find ndfeb permanent magnet is composed of Nd, Fe, B is given priority to, constitute the three elements. It can produce all kinds of shapes of magnets, such as regular square magnet, ring magnets, magnet disk and so on. So the market is gradually expanding ndfeb permanent magnet! In so many industries, will replace traditional magnet. In the electronics industry, ndfeb permanent magnets have will completely replace traditional magnets. As we use mobile phones, hard disk, and so on, are all using neodymium magnets. It has very high magnetic! The maximum limit has reached the ferrite magnetic magnetic materials ten times as much. And compared with the ferrite magnets, Nd2Fe14B on mechanical processing also has a very good processing performance. 200 ℃ maximum processing temperature also make it in machining graces many, some other high temperature industries, also reflects the value of it. So today, ndfeb permanent magnets used very widely. At the same time it is not only the problem of performance is very, high cost performance, the advantage of the quality of a material is solid, is why ndfeb permanent magnets can be widely used. Ndfeb permanent magnet the only drawback is the strong chemical activity, want to use it, must be used in ndfeb permanent magnet surface galvanized, electrophoresis or passivation surface treatment methods, such as surface coating processing.
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