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After the old woman from the magnet into the human body

by:Maghard      2020-09-21
The chongqing evening news news, according to Russian media reported on April 9, Russia's city, the 71 - year - old woman suffered a Elena since the age of 45 nearly fatal electric shock after the accident, was spared her unexpectedly turned into a human magnet. Elena's body, like through the electric magnet, can adsorption, including metals, plastics, glass and ceramic, many things. This made her in the kitchen cooking food is much more difficult than other housewife, because when she was cooking in the kitchen, one fork, spoon will adsorption to her. Elena recalls the electric shock accident, said at the time as much as 160 volts of electricity through her body, a shock after she was diagnosed with third-degree disability, but found himself has the extraordinary ability of adsorption objects like a magnet. Elena in front of reporters, dozens of all metal spoon adsorbed on her chest, abdomen and arms, in addition to this, she will also be a bowl of adsorption on the left wrist, an iron adsorbed on the right hand palm. Elena said, once these things after adsorption to her body, like a strong adhesive to her body, it is hard to rip them from her outside. Once the adsorbate was taken down, Elena adsorption on the body the skin of the object, it feels just like ice.
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