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All kinds of special-shaped magnets are all here together, welcome to figure to be customized

by:Maghard      2020-10-02
Before about different magnets, xiaofu also wrote many articles about special-shaped magnet class, have the effect of the profiled magnets, special-shaped magnet is how to produce, it will not repeat, if you want to know but haven't seen the wait can click to see at the end of the article. Today is special magnet processing technology, we don't also don't say abnormity magnet manufacturer which does well, but small make up to sort out some about magnets, we used to produce some of the more complex shaped magnets. Before another customer don't know if it is used to display shelves, or simply the magnet, we produce special-shaped willing to hundreds of dollars let's go to send him some magnets, no specific specifications. Below small make up to sort out some of our production part shaped magnets, at the same time also welcome you to choose our magnet manufacturers. Alien magnet size style too much, small make up not labeled as one by one, in short we can meet your various needs. About alien strong magnetic magnet tolerance generally is plus or minus 0 by default. 05 ( Five silk) And, of course, also can go only tolerance of positive and negative tolerance. Specific see your request! Common shape our company about alien magnet can be made into all kinds of special profile shape of magnet. Such as countersunk head hole, slot, ladder shaped, bread, conical, star, triangle, oval, runway form, various specifications such as L shape, in order to meet the special needs of various. Welcome to customized shaped magnets, we need to special magnet proofing quotation, had better provide accurate drawings or samples, drawings indicate the performance, and to provide the information such as coating, the magnetization direction and tolerance requirement.
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