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Alnico magnet is originally used in magnetic material technology category

by:Maghard      2020-10-01
Alnico magnet is originally used in magnetic material technology category. Able to use under very high temperature ( Near 500 degrees Celsius) 。 Processing appearance back in stainless steel like the bright color. A wafer shape, cylindrical, square shape, horseshoe, etc. Applied to the instrument, appearance and high temperature environment. Powerful magnet manufacturer to tell you, ndfeb permanent magnets and called modern industrial monosodium glutamate, as a kind of modern industry the main function of high magnetic material advance category of modern technology and the progress of the society, is widely used in each category, how to distinguish goods most comprehensive strength: permanent magnet magnetic function; Magnets intrusive; Exterior coating. Magnetic functions: first, the resolution is the key to control the production process of the magnetic properties of raw materials. Ndfeb magnets can be divided into two kinds of adhesive ndfeb and sintered ndfeb. Is expected in the next 20 - 30 years, there can be no substitute ndfeb magnet magnetic materials. In the production of ndfeb magnet main raw materials are metal, pure iron, neodymium ferro boron and other additives. Ndfeb magnet industry's core technology is mainly manifested in the manufacturing process, embodies in its product uniformity, consistency, and processing quality and coating quality, etc. As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet, ndfeb magnet has the very high cost performance, its wide application in energy, transportation, machinery, medical, IT, home appliances and other industries, especially with the development of information technology represented by knowledge economy, brings to the functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb industry constantly new USES, this bring ndfeb industry more broad market prospect. The history of ndfeb permanent magnet, rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet material neodymium rare earth permanent magnet is a new type of magnetic material, were developed in the 80 s, with high quality magnetic characteristics, high energy and high magnetic products. So far, this is the strongest magnetic materials, therefore is called the king of the magnet. Rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet materials: the main purpose of not only the rich raw materials, and relatively low price and excellent makes ndfeb magnetic characteristics of rapidly development and wide application. In many fields such as instrument and meter, auto industry, petrochemical industry and magnetic health care products, it has replaced the traditional ferrite, nickel and cobalt neodymium and samarium cobalt. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. Our company is located in dongguan city based wangniudun block cao beijiao town five chung village industrial zone, the company can provide customers 24 hours delivery, 36 hours to the customers specifications template. Magnet experts will find magnet products co. , LTD. , dongguan city, pack your satisfaction, more information you can view our company website/magnet. This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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