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Alnico magnet product detail

by:Maghard      2020-10-05
Alnico magnet is aluminum, nickel, cobalt and other trace elements of the alloy, high energy, high induction, magnetic resistance, the highest working temperature can reach 550 & deg; C, is a kind of rare earth permanent magnet magnetic the weakest. Depending on the production process, our company supply the sintering aluminum nickel and cobalt and cast alnico magnets, each has its advantages. The shape of the cast alnico magnets can be diversified, complicated, sintered alnico mechanical size tolerance can be controlled more accurately. AlNiCo5 AlNiCo8 is more commonly used, they are widely used in automatic machinery, communications, precision instruments, induction equipment, etc. Product performance: aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet is divided into casting and sintering, casting process of high product performance, sintering process of product processing is simple, can be compressed into different shapes. Alnico products of the highest working temperature can reach 400 degrees Celsius, and has a strong ability to resist corrosion, general need not with polish on the surface layer. This kind of magnets are widely used in instruments and meters and some temperature stability within the territory of high demand. We have the advantage of high frequency induction smelting technology, high standards of gold finishing technology, can be done in minimum tolerance & plusmn; 0. 01 mm, directional columnar crystal ingot thermal control technology, automatic heat treatment equipment, ensure the consistency of the magnetic, ALNICO performance and composition, the relationship between the physical and chemical laboratory research references to the new scientific research, developing new magnet ISO9001 quality management system.
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