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And the magnet can also go to a football?

by:Maghard      2020-10-08
Surprisingly, can also go to a football and magnet! Come and look at the magnet with small make up and how football together! And the magnet can also go to a football? According to report of xinhua Harvard University several female students create a football can capture the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. This kind of football is expected to provide for the people in developing countries the new scheme to solve the problem of energy shortage. 63 yuan a, scroll storage. Waterproof and durable magnet power appearance with the average football is football, but contains a metal coil, when the ball is kicked to swing or rotate, the ball inside the powerful magnets will absorb the coil current and stored in a battery. As long as the built-in ball on plugged in wires, the battery can be small household electrical appliances such as electric power, rolling 30 minutes to produce enough electricity to make a lamp light up 3 hours. Current, and power generation football need to connect the ac adapter to use, inventors hope that in the future it can charge, including electric fan, mobile phones and other small home appliance. The most important is that it has a good waterproof performance, do not need inflatable, durable. Each $10 ( RMB 63) Production costs are slightly higher than the ordinary football. Poland in the square outside the field, a local girl magda euro known by fans as the most beautiful part time girl. Magda 19 years old, graduated from high school last year, this year began in wroclaw, Poland, study construction engineering. Recently every day during the day, she is holding a football outside the square sample of the basket, filled with magnet souvenirs such as something to sell. She said it was in the work-study programs, this is her first part-time job. Magnet experts will find magnet products co. , LTD. , dongguan city, pack your satisfaction, more information you can view our company website/magnet. This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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