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ankaka releases magnetic mechanical digital led watch with ...

by:Maghard      2020-02-20
The magnetic mechanical digital watch with Crystal time display is worth more than the magnetic machinery you pay for the Crystal time display, which is a stylish addition to your collection, shining with charm and unique elegance.With this digital watch and Crystal display you can always know the time easily.This versatile device can also be used as an elegant decoration of the wrist, as the option to turn off the time display will fully enhance the gloss of the crystal.
This mechanical watch is designed with a stainless steel cover to prevent dust and water.The water resistance is as high as 165 feet m, enough to swim in the pool and even snorkel in the ocean.The built-In the pulse of this magnetic mechanical digital watch, a sound wave is generated, changing the position of the crystal in the time display from digital 0 to 9.
This beautiful feature is unique and will not affect the quality because the led light will last for a long time.The luminous digital watch with crystal is the perfect accessory for any leisure event or formal occasion.The smooth leather wristbands are black and match anything in your closet.
The Crystal time display of this magnetic and mechanical digital watch can also choose the off time and display the shiny crystal on its own.Any outfit you wear with a natural crystal display can easily add luster.Not only does this stylish digital watch look good, but it is also equipped with a miniature watchMagnetic Mechanical Digital (M3D) technology for intelligent functions.
It\'s never easy to complete a costume with gorgeous wrist accessories, and it will also show the time in crystal as long as you need it.Convenience and multi-function perfect combination, become an excellent digital watch, can also be used as a perfect fashion declaration or a gift to a lover.Choose the perfect digital watch with crystal for time display and you will definitely get a good score.
The waterproof performance also maintains the best performance up to 50 m deep, which is enough.The time will be easy to reach, and the clear and bright display looks beautiful, even if not for an appointment.The look of this digital watch with crystal may be fragile due to its luxurious look, but the stainless steel cover will ensure that your new pet is protected from dust and even water.
Unique techniques include internal rotors to produce different sounds to change the position of the crystal in the time display.The magnetic mechanical digital watch is an elegant device with intelligent functions and durability during use.Don\'t be content with traditional watches with hands and annoying ticks.
This fantastic digital watch with magnetic mechanical features and a beautifully charming Crystal time display gives you something special about yourself or your life
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