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Axial magnetization and radial magnetizing magnet manufacturer about the difference?

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
Circular magnet is widely used in our daily life, we often can see, this may seem like a very ordinary magnet, it actually also is very cultured. Under the magnets below our manufacturers to tell what is this? Our magnet manufacturer as a professional magnet manufacturer, summed up the customers in the circular magnet problems are mainly the following two categories: the magnetization magnet axial or radial magnetizing magnet? Actually, this thing has no professional equipment, alone is invisible to the naked eye, so we can be judged by its magnetic poles, we speak of the poles is magnetic concentration, both sides of the large magnetic pole surface. So, how do we view it is axial or radial? Here we see the axial magnetization magnet, as shown in figure: its magnetic force focused on both ends, it at both ends of the magnetic force is bigger, this is the conventional mode of production. Below we look at the radial magnetizing magnet, as shown in the figure below: its magnetic force focused on the side, the magnets generally belong to the customer request, to absorb the product by the lateral force, so his side magnetic force is very big, and at the ends of the magnetic force is very small, this kind of magnet before production order is to determine the direction of magnetic pole, avoid according to routine production, lead to products cannot be used properly.
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