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Basic knowledge of magnet performance, magnets, magnet

by:Maghard      2020-10-08
Magnetic properties of iron ions can't be attracted to the magnet magnetic field formed by a magnetic field of magnetic material molecular ring current, and the movement direction of the atoms, or ions of extranuclear electron is random, so the synthesis of a large number of atoms current is zero, no magnetic field, such as ferric chloride, ferric sulfate solution of no magnetic iron ions, will not be the effect of magnetic field force. So under the action of iron ion in the magnet will not attract iron ion. Magnetic size magnets are divided into two types: permanent magnets and electromagnets. The two kinds of magnet magnetic strength can size is different. For permanent magnets, is the main reason of the weak magnetic properties of magnetic materials. Magnetic materials have magnetic characteristics curve ( Hysteresis loop) 。 If the substance of the hysteresis loop area is large, coercive force is big, remanence is big, strong magnetic. Another case is matter of hysteresis loop is long and thin strip, very easy to demagnetization. Solenoid magnetic strength is mainly rely on outside the core coil number of turns and the current strength. The coil number of turns, the more by the current intensity, the greater the it the stronger the magnetism. The size of the magnetic force contrast methods the first method: take different magnet to absorb paper clips, see how far is it between can absorb, can the farther the distance to the absorption, shows that the stronger the magnetism. The second method: many magnets and iron needles placed in a container, absorb most junior is the smallest magnetic iron needle. The third method: put the magnet on the iron absorption, and then to pull down the iron with spring balance, see pull iron said the number of spring balance. 4 kinds of methods: the paper clips on the board, the magnet under the cardboard, paper clips, shows strong magnet magnetic, if put the paper which magnets, paper clips to keep moving, moving the lover 'is a sign that magnetic the weakest. Fifth, the small nails on a piece of paper, paper number, the more the more thick, the paper to the magnets below, shows that the greater the magnetic. Defense magnetic force can't through the magnetic material, is easily magnetized iron itself. A in the iron ring of the compass, the pointer will not be placed outside the ring magnets attract, can prove we can defense magnetic force. If you put the watch on horseshoe magnet poles, first of all, is a balance wheel balance spring, will be magnetized, stop not to walk. Even after remove the magnet, the table can't restore to its original state, because it is steel parts, as long as it is a mechanism for magnetic steel. If it is a tightly covered with iron shell or steel shell of the table, then the iron shell can protect the list of steel parts is not affected by magnetic force. If you take the table near strong near the coil of generator, its accuracy is not affected. So an ordinary watch some aspects not necessarily inferior to watch.
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