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Brushless dc speed regulating motor depends on the development of rare earth permanent magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-12
Brushless dc speed regulating motor depends on the development of rare earth permanent magnets on others ask don't know now: what is an important symbol of social progress? In fact, the invention and application of electricity is one of them, it is a kind of is now society is inseparable from the energy resources, an indispensable part of the people's life, no matter walks can get electricity dujiangyan city play a unique role, can be widely applied. To convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is a kind of form, the most extensive in the application of conversion method is the motor. Motor convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, mainly depends on electricity can correctly use, drive efficiency and operation situation. So the experts in research and development accord with a standard motor. The development history of motor is from dc to ac, until the advent of nd-fe-b magnet application now, a new permanent magnet motor is gaining the support of the rare earth high technology materials, to achieve a higher level of electromechanical integration applications. China academy of the rocket in the research of rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system applications, has gone through many years of hard work makes permanent magnet motor applications has been very successful in terms of rockets and missiles. Magnet experts in China now is to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, in the development of light rail with rare earth permanent magnet wind turbine, rare earth permanent magnet drive motor and oil exploitation of rare earth permanent magnet motor, at the same time, development and production of a high-power rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc speed regulating motor. Rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc speed regulating motor is high-end rare earth materials, electronic science and technology power and electric motor principle HuGe product. Rare earth permanent magnet motor is undoubtedly magnetic fields resulting from the use of rare earth permanent magnetic material alternatives to traditional motor magnetic field produced by current excitation, rare earth permanent magnet motor itself has simple structure, safe operation and small amounts of light, low loss, high efficiency and envelop dimensions can be manufactured according to the demand, so over the past few years development of rare earth permanent magnet motor speed is very fast. Power is rare earth resources in our country, the use of advantages of itself, makes the rare earth permanent magnet material continuously improve product quality, decrease of cost price, make a high-power rare earth permanent magnet motor has a lot of advantages, market competition both at home and abroad has advantages, developing very quickly. China is now the world's elevator, consumption is also our country national economy developing and improving, the elevator requirements of high-performance followed more than doubled. Now most of our country in the aspect of high speed, high performance elevator host still need to be imported from abroad. In order to develop to expand the domestic market of rare earth permanent magnet, the experts are to develop rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc speed regulating motor, mainly used in the elevator host products, energy saving about 40% than traditional elevator system, is a ideal update products of domestic elevator host production. The product has a wide range of speed regulation, and can reach 1000: more than 1, than the current advanced high performance ac VVVF inverter system. The start of the elevator, smooth operation and control is more secure than before, as well as high precision control. The motor has low speed high torque, high power factor, the advantages of small volume, low requirements for supporting environment, and energy saving effect is much better than before. The elevator system noise is small, accord with human body comfort requirements. Permanent magnetic characteristics of permanent magnet motor to us if all of a sudden break will be automatically locked, so that the elevator operation more secure. Low speed high torque characteristics and makes the elevator host structure is simple, is advantageous for the usual maintenance. The development of the products and make our country in the elevator industry to a new stage. 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