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Can chore calendar sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
This is possible if the chore calendar samples are offered not in free way. It is great honor for Dongguan Maghard Flexible Magnet Co. Ltd to be your supplier. If the sample charge cannot be refunded, a discount may be offered. If the sample charge is refunded, details may be listed in the contract signed.

High quality of magnetic helps Maghard Flexible Magnet occupy big global market. According to the material, Maghard Flexible Magnet's products are divided into several categories, and Magnetic Sheet is one of them. In addition, the simple design makes Magnetic Tape to be well operated. It never breaks, cracks, or chips upon sudden collisions with high physical strength. Maghard Flexible Magnet maintains relationships with a number of prestigious brands around the world. It does not corrode due to environmental or chemical influences (except for strong acids).

Our goal is to have no accidents and to mitigate impacts on the environment by working with our stakeholders, peers, and others to promote responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement.
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