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can rare earth magnets be used outdoors?

by:Maghard      2020-03-10
Rare magnets are made of alloys belonging to rare earth elements. Samarium (Sm)and Neodymium (Nd)
Rare earth elements are the two most widely used rare earth elements in the production of rare magnets.
Rare earth elements are iron magnetic metals.
This means that they have the ability to be magnetized like iron.
However, the temperature at which they live (
They lose the magnetic temperature)
Usually below normal room temperature.
This explains why rare magnets are not suitable for outdoor use.
In most cases, the outdoor temperature is usually higher than room temperature.
This causes the magnet to demagnetic and eventually leads to waste.
Therefore, it is not advisable to use rare earth magnets in outdoor environments.
The DFeB magnet is made of nd, iron and boron alloys (Nd2Fe14B).
They are the most powerful and cost-
Effective types of rareearth magnets.
In addition to being easily oxidized, these magnets have similar properties to sm cobalt rare earth materials.
This means that the Nd2Fe14B magnet is prone to corrosion.
The Fe part of their name represents iron, which is one of the most corroded partsprone metals.
However, this problem is easy to deal.
Many protective surface treatment procedures, such as nickel, zinc, gold and tin plating, provide the necessary corrosion protection when required.
Epoxy coating is another common method of protective surface treatment.
These surface treatment techniques ensure that the magnetic material does not encounter moisture.
However, if the coating is damaged in any form, humidity or water may encounter the magnetic material below and cause rust.
The NdFeB magnet has one of the highest energy products (almost 52MGOe).
Therefore, their mechanical strength is stronger than that of sm-based magnets. Their high-
Energy products make them suitable for innovative applications that require compact design and low manufacturing costs.
Other beneficial properties of these magnets include their excessive force (
Retreat magnetic force measured with Oersteds is essential to reduce the unit area flux or induction flux of the magnet)
The average temperature is stable.
Like any other material that exists on Earth, the NdFeB magnets have their own drawbacks.
This includes low corrosion resistance when plating or poor coating and low mechanical strength.
Rare magnets are associated with great attraction.
This feature has its own unique dangers.
Rare earth magnets with a diameter of only a few centimeters have the potential to cause serious physical damage.
This is especially true if part of the body is trapped between two magnets.
In some cases, these magnets can even lead to a fracture.
This is the power of rare earth magnets.
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