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China magnet magnets ( In addition to the NdFeB) Industrial raw materials

by:Maghard      2020-09-11
China magnet magnets ( In addition to the NdFeB) Industrial raw material application market expanding, supporting the industrial chain to form, form a complete set of magnets in China market is developing rapidly, in addition to the office automation ( Computers, printers, copiers) , medical electronics ( Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic therapy) , communication equipment, Switches, network, mobile phone) , household electrical appliances ( Stereo, DVD) , electric tools, Motor) Opened up a with Chinese characteristics, and product markets, such as electric bicycles ( Annual output of 15 million units) Magnetic buckle, packaging ( Consumption of permanent magnet 1000 tons) , building magnetic pieces ( Door stopper, ark buckle annual consumption NdFeB500 tons) , oil drilling, Annual consumption NdFeB500 tons) , lighting electronics ( Energy-saving lamps, electronic transformer) And other fields, more and more in the continuous development of new application. By 2015 Chinese TV production 50 million units, 10 million sets of car, mobile phone and 200 million DVD1. 500 million units, 30 million sets of refrigerator, permanent magnet ferrite, 500000 tons, 200000 tons of soft magnetic ferrite, ndfeb magnet 5000 tons, accounting for about 60% of the global market, 30% and 50%. As China became the world's industrial manufacturing center, according to the principle of form a complete set of origin, there will be more and more components supporting enterprises and to concentrate in China. At the same time as the improvement of the performance of the permanent magnet in China, prices fall, magnets, the market will further expand in China, the Chinese magnets industrial prospect is very attractive. The magnets of China ( In addition to the NdFeB) Industrial raw materials, has been in short supply. As Chinese companies solve the problem of iron scale instead of iron oxide red, raw material cost reduce a third, permanent magnetic ferrite materials guaranteed, but soft magnetic iron oxide red gap is very large. China's steel production has reached 2004 2. 700 million tons, baosteel, wisco, angang, panzhihua, masteel almost all large iron and steel enterprises start Ruthner method is used to produce iron oxide, iron oxide red can get sufficient supply is expected to five years. Magnets are required to produce the Mn3O4, NiO, ZnO, SrCO3, BaCO3, MgO style, Nd, Dy, Pr, FeB, Sm, pure iron and other accessories, can meet the domestic needs and a large number of exports. Raw materials prices rose sharply in recent years, however, brings to the Chinese magnets enterprise pressure, causing quite a part of the product profit. At the same time also stimulate the magnets enterprise combined with raw material to produce suppliers, magnets enterprises in China began to upstream and downstream industry investment. Is worth rejoicing, almost all Chinese magnet for production equipment, instruments and can be purchased in domestic, and magnets in China the development and production of special equipment and instrument and climate formation, characteristic, improve product technology, efficiency improvement, low price, With imported equipment, is only 1/10 the price) , the magnets in China low-cost, large-scale, high benefit production basis. Used for key equipment and technology abroad embargo, now are lured by the Chinese market to invest in China. The following is according to the magnetic ( Magnetic) Shielding priority rank of liner. 1 metal mesh rf liner is easy to deformation, the pressure of 1. 4 kg/cm, the attenuation of 54 db. Data show that the frequency is low attenuation is the largest. For permanent seal is good, is not suitable for open and close the panel. 2 copper alloy plating has a high conductivity and good corrosion resistance. Good elasticity, the most suitable for panel and activity to cooperate. Can be made to strip, spiral and serrated. Attenuation of 100 db. 3 conductive rubber and small amounts of screw only nominally be attached. Realize water vapor sealing and electrical sealing after 1500 ℃, 48 hours aging, volume resistivity is 10 ~ 20 m & omega; /cm( max) 。 The degree of deformation limit of 25%. Data show that at high frequency attenuation to the maximum. 4 conductive cloth covered in foam on a piece of silver braid, form a soft liner, take up most of the loose space, mainly for civil, be applicable to the magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. 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