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China magnetic materials has experienced three stages

by:Maghard      2020-09-14
Magnetic material production companies, China in 1988, 160, the total output of 8. 800 million yuan; More than 1200 to 2007, companies, output value reached 275. 700 million yuan. China soft magnetic ferrite from zero in 1988. Development in 2007 to 70000 tons, 350000 tons, nearly 50 times; The Chinese permanent magnetic ferrite from 1 in 1988. Development in 2007 to 70000 tons, 460000 tons, about 40 times; China's rare earth ndfeb magnets from September 1988 tons, in 2007 to five. 50000 tons, about 6000 times. China now has become the world's magnetic materials center, in 1990 China alnico magnets, the first in the world, the 1995 China permanent magnetic ferrite, the first in the world, provide ndfeb magnets in China in 2000, the first in the world. After entering the 21st century China's production of all kinds of magnets have been comfortably in the world. China magnetic materials industry has experienced three stages: one is the extensive development period of the 1980 s, magnets, magnetic material industry of China - Ndfeb. 010 - In 2015 China magnetic materials industry research and strategic advisory report high-speed development, township and village enterprises have mushroomed. Starting in the 80 s, China began to form a magnetic material industry system, due to the needs of the development of the situation and the requirement of the enterprise, China magnetic materials industry association was founded in the mid - 80 - s. Second is to steadily improve the period of the 90 s, China's magnetic materials industry not only in the aspect of development, and attention to quality, the industry formed a distinctive backbone enterprises. Three is the 21st century into the internationalization development, accession to the WTO intensifies the marketization process, faced with new challenges and opportunities. Outward expansion of China's national enterprises, taking the bankruptcy of foreign enterprises and joint international big company, at the same time, foreign companies are also constantly to expand in China, on the coexistence and competition period, so to speak.
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