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Circular, magnetoelectric manufacturer, a magnet how magnetic effect better

by:Maghard      2020-09-08
Circular, magnetoelectric manufacturer, a magnet application of how to do it better magnetic magnet, we're most concerned about is the several aspects, first, the size precision, second, the stability of magnetic, third, is the magnet application will not be easy damaged. That I said today we mainly, the application effect of the magnet is more perfect, how can I do can do need to have the conditions of which some? First of all, we have to from the material of the magnet, the magnet materials commonly used has a powerful magnet, high temperature magnets, soft magnetic and these plastic material, due to the density of each kind of material and performance are not identical, different material can make the magnet magnetic effect is different also, one of the best material is a powerful magnet, 50 to 60 * * 30 mm can suck up 100 kg of objects, ordinary ndfeb magnets can suck to 10 kilograms.
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