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Customize the powerful magnets need to be aware of some matters

by:Maghard      2020-09-06
Magnetoelectric magnet manufacturer about the custom when the powerful magnets for you need to pay attention to some things, is also in order to let customers better understand powerful magnet product and production process. Powerful magnets in size, width, or under 20 mm in diameter, the thickness of the best in more than 1 mm will be relatively good, if too thin will break easily. And if you need to add hole, the thickness of the best greater than 2. 5 mm, because in drilling at the time of the extrusion pressure can also make the magnet is fragile. Magnetic, normally increase powerful magnet magnetic, there are two ways, one is the increased size, another is to improve the material mark. If it is small size, the size of the change of the change of the magnetic effect is very obvious. And tolerance for powerful magnets are required must be specified and communication, work environment if very hot or abnormal environment also need to communicate and strong magnet manufacturers, powerful magnets for N series brand performance, temperature tolerance is less than 80 degrees Celsius. More than the working temperature will damage the magnetic or erasing. To provide drawings to evaluate if it is other special-shaped products, because of the strong magnet production process is not simple process like other hardware accessories.
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