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Cylindrical magnet production, looking for magnetoelectricity

by:Maghard      2020-09-08
Cylindrical magnet production, looking for a cylindrical magnet, magnetic and it just think this thing is like a pillar, actually yes, also it is a cylindrical magnet made cylindrical rare earth like a round bar, the product performance of cylindrical super strong, small a product that can suck up more than 100 times its weight of iron products. What is so powerful products? As by a magnet factory below to talk about, what is the cylindrical magnet, it actually why so strong? Through the above, we can see the cylindrical magnet, he is a pillar, using the ndfeb rare earth to make a complete, in the two end of the cylinder, can suck up to more than 100 times its own weight, performance is very strong, but because it is a rare earth products, not iron, is relatively fragile, easily broken, so should pay attention when using. If you are there any questions you can CALL us for a cylindrical magnet!
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