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dancing, magnetic robots - 2 -

by:Maghard      2020-03-05
Materials -
A book that is hard to memorize-
3v deceleration motor 15 rpm.
Can be purchased on EbayWhite LED. -Switch.
Can be purchased on Ebay
2 x LED bracket.
Can be purchased on EbayOld fuse. -Copper tube -Copper wire (thin)-wire -
2 x rare earth magnet.
Can be purchased on EbayBattery holder.
Can be purchased on EbayToggle switch.
Can be purchased on Ebay
Whatever you can get, old electrical components, resistors, transistors, pots.
These parts are used to make robots. -2 x washers.
Make sure they are as thin and shiny as possible. Tools: -hot glue -
Welding and soldering iron-pliers -
How you make a robot depends on you.
See what you have around the house, any old electrical components, old radios that work no matter what you can pull open or what you use.
First collect all the parts that you think will become a good robot.
Try different parts and see what works best.
I found an old amp on a garbage day outside someone\'s home and it has all the parts I need. Steps: 1.
Collect your parts.
I have used a few transistors for my legs, as shown in the figure, I straighten my legs and connect to the switch. 3.
Once the legs are connected to the switch, I bend them a little bit and open the legs a little bit. Steps: 1.
Next, I used an old physical meter.
I took out his median and made the No. 2 body with the casing.
I used a few resistors and attached them to the body of my arm.
The welding of the arms with the body is a bit tricky, but I managed to get them stuck together.
Before you try to connect the arm, make sure you heat the body with a soldering iron and add a lap of solder to it. 3.
I posted an old LED on the front to make it look vintage.
This is done by welding the LED legs to the body I trimmed. Steps: 1.
Next, I added the head.
It took me a while to decide what this should be, but in the end I decided to use an old photo conversion sister (I think! )for the head. 2.
I trimmed the wire and it was hot stuck in place 3.
NextI heat sticks the sand from the legs to the body. 4.
Finally, I welded a small washing machine on my leg.
This is the most important part because the washing machine will let the robot dance!
Note: the gasket I use is very thin and smooth.
It is very important to use the washing machine as thin as possible.
Almost none of the other thicker washers I \'ve tried worked. 5. I re-
Weld the legs to make sure the robot looks like there is some movement as shown in the picture below.
The next step is to find the right book to modify and add the batteries, motors and magnets in.
The key here is to find a book thick enough to hold the motor and everything else.
I have a lot of books so it\'s not hard to find the right one (
The hardest thing is to cut a book! )Steps: 1.
First measure a square in the middle of the book.
The motor will rotate the magnet here. 2.
Start cropping the page and make sure to refresh the blade on a regular basis.
Once you\'re down about 10mm stops. 3.
As shown in the figure, find the center of the square and mark the square 15mm by 15mm.
Cut into the back of the book with your Stanley knife. Steps: 1.
Next, mark the whereabouts of the battery. 2.
Cut the paper with a Stanley knife until the battery pack fits well into the book. 3.
Make a small passage for the motor in the book, as shown in the following figure.
Here\'s the wire for the battery. 4.
The next thing to do is to wire the battery pack.
You need 3 wires.
I used the computer cables to connect them together as shown in the picture.
Each wire has the following uses: The next thing to do with the switch motor LED is to add on/off switches and lights.
The light is not really needed, so it depends on you if you want to add it. Steps: 1.
Bend the copper tube as shown in figure 2.
Go through some wires and make sure it sticks out at both ends. 3.
At the straight end, I connected an LED bracket.
So I can stuff it into the book. 4.
On the other end I also attached an LED stand but on the other side.
I also connect the fuse to the end by first removing one of the metal ends and inserting the glass tube into the end if it is an LED holder. 5.
Connect the LED to the end of the copper tube and then push the LED holder with a glass fuse into the end. 6.
Next, you need to drill two holes in the book, one for the switch and one for the lamp.
Cut the pages where needed so that the switches and lights can be installed neatly. 7.
As shown in the figure, make two channels for the wire in the book. Steps: 1.
When adding the motor, I decided to add the hose fixture to the motor to enable it to be installed closely on the book. 2.
I also glued down the page that made the cable channel.
There are a lot of cuts in this section and to make it stable I used paper glue to strengthen the page. 3.
Push the motor into the middle hole and push the hot glue into place.
It should fit perfectly.
If some tape is not used around the motor, then the hose fixture will not be closed. 3.
Connect the wire to the switch and the LED. 4.
The next step is to add the arm to the motor.
This will have magnets at each end, enabling the robot to dance.
As shown in the figure, first shape the arm.
The next trim so it will rotate inside the square you first made. 5.
Connect the magnet with hot glue.
I put the magnet slightly at an angle to help the robot dance. 6.
As shown in the figure, Weld to the motor.
You should now have some dancing robots that rotate at the top of a book!
Some of the key things to keep in mind if you are going to participate in this project are as follows: 1.
Make sure you find the thinnest gasket.
Do some experiments to decide which rotation works best.
I got my washing machine from an old board but I\'m sure you can buy some. 2.
Play how high the magnet is relative to the top of the book.
I noticed that if the magnet is on the top of the book, the rotation of the robot works best. 3.
Take the time to find the right book
The thicker the page, the better.
Good luck if you need any hlep-
Please let me know in the comments section.
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