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Direct-acting electromagnet classification and the main purpose of the traction electromagnet

by:Maghard      2020-09-29
Straight moving pull electromagnets classification divides according to the shape of the shell of the electromagnet products have type C/O form open shell/framework electromagnet and circular tube shell electromagnet. Theory is what kind of direct-acting electromagnet, its applicability is very high, the following list in turn its purpose: 1, household appliances, such as washing machines, sewing machines, home electronics, tape recording or video recorder, automatic weaving machine, electronic organ, piano, karaoke machine, lamps and lanterns, massager, etc. 2, 3 gaming entertainment devices, all kinds of vending machines, such as money changer, machines, cash registers, etc. 4, office automation equipment, such as printers, fax machines, photocopiers, computer equipment, etc. 5, auto solenoid valve, automatic door lock, parking equipment, etc. Traction electromagnet main purposes: 1, traction electromagnet is closely related to people's lives, some important electrical appliances are needed by electromagnet, such as electromagnetic relays, electromagnetic crane and one of the most famous Shanghai maglev train, electromagnet is used to run and work. 2, electromagnet can be applied in the lifting electromagnet, especially in some industrial buildings, use hoisting machinery for lifting some steel ingot, steel and steel grit, etc. , is the use of magnetic steel characteristics attract for lifting, box-type transformer solved the transportation problem, can also produce other electromagnetic system, etc. Dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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