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Discuss the role and application of magnetic around us

by:Maghard      2020-09-04
Plastic magnet is a new kind of functional polymer composite material, is a important basic material in the field of modern science and technology, compared with sintering magnetic materials magnetic plastics have low density, high impact strength, the magnetic can be controlled with magnetic powder content, good chemical stability, and the advantages of using into not happen cataclastic, can choose the nylon, PPS, elastic plastic resin as base material, mixed with ferrite powder, ndfeb magnetic powder, using the plastic injection forming technology for processing, in the preparation of thin wall, high precision, complex shape, spoke to the orientation magnets, realize the integration of combined forming has unique advantages, at the same time it also has a high material utilization, high production efficiency, etc, to electronic miniaturization, lightweight, compound, highly efficient, energy-saving play a key role. If you want to play a role of circular and bigger, can the cable on plastic magnetic magnetic ring around a few turns. The more number of turns, the low frequency interference suppression effect, the better, and weak of high frequency noise suppression effect.
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