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Do you really understand foreign trade ndfeb magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
Many people may know ndfeb magnet, this is a but perhaps most people do not know exactly what it is, it is made up of what, what is the principle of it, and so on? Today there is a small make up to popularize the knowledge of ndfeb for everyone! We begin by identifying the ndfeb magnet is composed of what materials. The main raw materials ndfeb magnet with rare earth metal neodymium ( Nd) 32%, iron metal elements ( Fe) 64% boron and nonmetallic elements ( B) 1%. Ndfeb permanent magnetic material based on Nd2Fe14B ternary compound as matrix, its content should be close to compound Nd2Fe14B formula is. But according to Nd2Fe14B composition ratio in full, magnets, magnetic is low, even no magnetic. Only actual of neodymium magnets and boron content than Nd2Fe14B compounds and neodymium boron content very strong permanent magnet performance can be achieved. Summary of characteristic determines the quality and value of ndfeb magnets, it not only high performance, price moderate, and the intensity is high, but it also has a big drawback is not resistant to high temperature and corrosion, so the foreign ndfeb magnets are generally available in the market after surface treatment, strengthen its resistance to corrosion and high temperature resistance.
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