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Dongguan magnet manufacturer made the best ferrite magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-14
Ferrite magnetic material is a kind of functional materials. Ferrite is also divided into permanent magnetic and soft magnetic and microwave ferrite. Permanent magnetic ferrite (SrO) SrO or BaO and ferric oxide as raw materials, that are made by ceramic technology. Belongs to semiconductor type permanent magnet ferrite, eddy current loss is small, coercive force is big, the air gap magnetic circuit of the effect is good, suitable for small generator and permanent magnet motor. Ferrite it is rich in raw materials, simple process, low cost. But the maximum magnetic energy product is low, so in the same case, magnetic energy volume is bigger than the metal magnet. Combined with the temperature stability, quality of a material is fragile, is not suitable for as there is a requirement for precision measuring instrument and magnetic devices. Dongguan magnet can be used in making permanent magnet motor, permanent magnetic separator, permanent magnetic crane head speaker, microwave devices and so on.
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