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Dongguan magnet manufacturer production methods of different kinds of magnets [ Magnet]

by:Maghard      2020-08-25
Dongguan magnet manufacturer of all kinds of magnet sort, is known to us. Magnet production process is very complex, the first is using rare earth burned into each square shape, then after the machine according to the requirements in terms of cutting shape. Dongguan magnet manufacturer to tell you the cutting is very exquisite, different products are need to choose different way of cutting. Dongguan magnet manufacturers workshop square magnet cutting is relatively simple, within a certain range of sizes don't need to change anything, directly by size to cut production, produce magnets according to the requirements for electroplating, plating after became a finished product. Abnormity of the magnets, however, is not so simple, such as the size of the head of product, the product in dongguan magnet manufacturer production out of the cylindrical products, and then through the mould polishing, need to become the customer needs to size, this process each other more complex type magnet; Round head of the magnet is such a truth, end need to be polished, polishing after electroplating is the finished product. Dongguan magnet production factory workshop in our eyes, dongguan magnet manufacturer production technology of the magnet is versatile, according to different types of magnet should choose different cutting machine production. If you want to know more of a magnet production process, can contact with us.
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