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earth\'s protective shield is weakening: trio of swarm satellites could reveal how fast the planet\'s magnetic field is fading

by:Maghard      2020-03-07
The shield of the Earth is slowly weakening, and the harmful solar wind can penetrate the Earth\'s atmosphere.
This shield, known as the magnetic layer, extends to thousands of miles of space, affecting everything from global communication to weather patterns.
The European Space Agency\'s Swarm mission aims to map the changes in the magnetic layer-after a year of orbit operation, it can now see the dynamics of the magnetic layer.
The preliminary results of Swarm will be submitted to the international survey and Geophysical Union conference in Prague, Czech Republic, from June 22-7.
Rune Floberghagen, group task manager, said it shows all serious efforts to make a group for this
The once-star magnetic survey task is definitely rewarding.
The task of Swarm is to measure and reconcile different magnetic signals from the core, crust, ocean, ionization and magnetic layers. The four-
This year\'s mission is to ultimately provide insight into the various natural processes, from those that occur deep down the Earth to the space weather caused by solar activity.
These three satellites are the same, but in order to optimize the sampling in space and time, their orbits are different and change during the life of the task.
Swarm was the first to take advantage of what was called a \"magnetic gradient\", which was implemented by two satellites running around the sideby-
About 60 miles (100km).
This is the detail used to unlock the magnetic field generated by the magnetized rock in the crust.
Niles Olsen, from DTU Space, Denmark, said: \"We are very satisfied with these preliminary results.
Not only did they verify the gradient measurement concept, but they also confirmed the significant accuracy of the satellite absolute magnetic measurement.
\"The group constellation also makes it easier for us to monitor changes in the major magnetic fields generated by the Earth\'s core, which protects us from harmful charged cosmic particles.
\"Our magnetic field is largely generated by the outer core of the Earth,\" said Gauthier Hulot, one of the main contributors to the Zerg mission.
The constellation provides details of the changes in the magnetic field, thus weakening our shields.
\"This will ultimately make it possible to predict the way this area will develop over the next few decades.
\"The group of satellites will be in orbit for at least three years.
These results will be presented at the 26 th Congress of the international survey and Geophysical Union held in Prague, Czech Republic, from June 22-7.
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