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Electromagnet interference and electromagnetic interference is how to define

by:Maghard      2020-09-27
Electromagnet interference and electromagnetic interference is how to define the definition of electromagnetic interference is unwanted electromagnetic signals or noise signal to the interference of electromagnetic signal. Now is the era of electronic information technology rapid development, such as information highway, satellite communications, mobile communications, computer applications, and other industries, electromagnetic interference effects in the field of military and civilian electronic information is also more and more important, to public environment and safety as well as military secrecy and security caused great harm. Mandatory standard of electromagnetic compatibility are performed throughout the world, part of the developed countries in the electromagnetic compatibility design technology, material technology, component technology is the study for nearly forty years, has now formed a series of standard applications. Our country also announced at the end of 1998 the standard of electromagnetic compatibility. Electromagnet compatibility is very wide, its core is to try to reduce their produce electromagnetic interference and improve the ability of resistance to electromagnetic interference. In electronic devices and systems at present general emc design techniques have grounding, shielding, filtering, three often called three technology to restrain electromagnetic interference. Grounding is introducing disturbance signal end; Shielding is the use of shield to block or attenuation of electromagnetic interference signal transmission; Frequency signal through the filter is to prevent interference and allow the useful frequency signal through a technique. In these three technology, filtering technology is now the most common and most effective to suppress electromagnetic interference, one of the most economic method. Use method is very simple, in the entrance of the electrical equipment for power line to insert the resistance EMI filter, filter can be put through the power line transmission give fully suppress electromagnetic interference signal, in other words, it can suppress electromagnetic interference generated inside of the electrical equipment, and can restrain electromagnetic interference from the power grid. The United States began in the 70 s the development of ferrite materials resistance to electromagnetic interference, now can produce all kinds of electromagnetic interference resistance materials and devices. The ceramic - Magnetic company main products focus on NiZn ferrite materials, through the plural of ferrite magnetic permeability and frequency, the relationship between the change of different ingredients and doping to realize frequency characteristic of the ferrite impedance and attenuation frequency domain; Made from a wide domain EMI resistance ferrite materials and all kinds of filter. STEWARD companies in the United States, the FILTER CONECPTS companies successfully developed 14 series and four series of EMI soft magnetic materials, and applied to the IBM, MOTOROLA company and a ZENITH of microcomputer, digital equipment and ATT information system, has obtained the good effect. At the same time, also a large number of used in military electronic equipment, then its will be improved. Japan TDK company has successfully developed 5 kinds of EMI resistance material, and is mainly used for PC connected to the Internet and digital devices. Fuji company focused on the MMIC and IC with the development of resistance to electromagnetic interference filter material and devices. In this research began in the 80 s in China. Mainly in the aspect of soft magnetic ferrite materials and devices carried out extensive research. Now the domestic market for the resistance against EMI materials, EMI component, EMI filter resistance. Preparation of ceramic materials with magnetic and composite material as a new type of electromagnetic interference is also the hotspot of the research and development. / dongguan xiang xin magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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