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Export the United States will impose a 300% tariff refrigerator magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-23
CCTV website quoted the announcement of the us department of commerce, said refrigerator magnets from China will be up to 300% of the final duties. As early as September 21, 2007, American magnet producers wheat can companies apply to the U. S. Commerce Department and the United States international trade commission, the requirement for flexible magnets from China launched anti-dumping and countervailing merger investigation. Contact us company name dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. : 86 0769 81313183 contact: Mr Mo mobile phone: 13826919856 preach true: 86 0769 81313568 to address: China guangdong dongguan dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial zone of the magnet, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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