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Ferrite magnetic magnetic materials

by:Maghard      2020-09-12
Common grinding wheel has simple inner arc shape, simple outer arc, end face grinding wheel and grinding wheel. Metal magnetic materials commonly used silicon carbide grinding wheel and alumina grinding wheel of grinding, the grinding wheel is generally by powder metallurgy. Ferrite magnets usually adopts the synthetic diamond abrasive grinding, usually with plating, resin bond and bronze combination way will be attached to the metal substrate synthetic diamond, often called the electroplated diamond grinding wheel, resin bond grinding wheel and the bronze grinding wheel. Electroplated diamond grinding wheel is cheap, grinding speed, high efficiency, but poor dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of machining is poor, low requirements applicable to the machining allowance is big, the permanent magnetic ferrite magnet processing. Bronze bond, the advantage is bonding strength big, hold their shape ability strong, not easy to wear and tear, long life, and can bear larger load. Combination of bronze grinding wheel processing products of high dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, but the price is high, slow processing speed, low effect to kill, applicable to small machining allowance, high dimensional requirements of processing of soft magnetic ferrite. The performance of resin bond grinding wheel somewhere in between. Not usually requires high products ( Permanent magnet) With the electroplated diamond grinding wheel, demanding products ( Soft magnetic magnet) Which is based on resin bond and bronze grinding wheel. For the same machine tool, the choice of grinding wheel, if correct, then can improve the grinding efficiency, grinding wheel dressing less, the precision of the workpieces, improve the roughness is improved; If the grinding wheel to choose well, the workpiece quality is reduced, production efficiency is also decreased. So choosing grinding wheel is very important. According to the characteristics of the ferrite hard and brittle, generally choose the green silicon carbide abrasive ( Code TL) , medium grain size ( 46 # ~ 120 #) , soft hardness ( R2 ~ ZR2) The resin binder ( Code S) Grinding wheel, the size and shape according to the machine tools and processing products, commonly used have parallel wheel ( Code P) , sand tile ( Code WT) And double sided concave grinding wheel ( Code PSA) And so on. Synthetic diamond grinding wheel has been adapted for use by most of the permanent magnetic ferrite magnet factory. We are learning and research found that when magnetic circuit different books and information referenced in the different system of units, the parameters of the numerical and magnetism formula is not the same. The commonly used system of units are: ( 1) A second cm one gram of electrostatic system of units ( CGSE) 。 ( 2) A second cm one gram of electromagnetic system of units ( CGSM) 。 ( 3) Gaussian system of units. All the electrical signal with CGSE unit, all the amount of magnetism in CGSM system. ( 4) A hai lorentz d system of units. ( 5) Practical electrical system. ( 6) A system of units (meters a kilogram of a second MKSA) The international system of units ( SI) 。 / dongguan xiang xin magnet products co. , LTD. , magnets, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, profiled magnets to log in
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