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Ferrite magnets spray paint

by:Maghard      2020-08-16
With is wondering why you are likely to search the magnet spray paint, spray paint magnets used in where? Ferrite magnets what is the role of the painting? I started into the magnet, the industry also think that what is it? Later just know that kind of color is the magnet, called painting magnet. Spray paint magnet has colorful multicolor paint magnet actually, there are yellow, there are green, and red copper, really is to put the circular and dressing up as a colorful, like a bride to be ready to get married. Of course as soon as these are not made with color, but the magnetic ring is made, in a layer of paint spray magnetic steel manufacturer according to customer needs, spray on a different color. Actually, circular and no matter what the color of the spray, are the same, as customer required, the required, regardless of the circular green paint spray, or black paint, its purpose is only one, that is can have very good insulation effect, the reason that the circular to insulation, main is to prevent the circular magnet manufacturer in oxidation. Such as the circular one but, it will also affect the effect of its properties, so many guests put magnetic ring is installed on the circuit board, are required to spray a layer of paint. A lot of people don't understand, why do the circular on the circuit board to spray paint, and used in the copper wire, but don't have to paint. It, of course, there is a certain sense, because the magnetic ring is installed on the circuit board, easy oxidation, it drives electronic components of the whole circuit board, there is nothing to protect. And used on the wire of the circular, and some can be injection wrapped, prevent it from magnetic leakage, there are some wear on the wire directly, these are not implicated in it oxidation, reason is used on the wire of copper, without other electronic components caused some negative effect, so it is not easy oxidation, that there is no need to spray paint, this also reduce the cost of a lot of copper for everyone. Painted a magnetic ring, can greatly increase the cost price, painting to artificial, paint will cost, at the request of the is not specified, can not paint the circular, as far as possible do not spray paint, nor to reduce costs, to paint the circular cut corners; This will be related to the electronic products of good and bad. If in the case of no cost requirements, try to paint or any standing water, can have very good insulation effect, to prevent the occurrence of oxide copper.
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