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Ferromagnetic the internal composition of the additional magnetic field together with the external magnetic field direction

by:Maghard      2020-09-30
Ferromagnetic internal composition of the additional magnetic field of ferromagnetic components with the external magnetic field direction of the additional magnetic field together with the external magnetic field direction, but better than the external magnetic field, this is because the crystals within the very strong called 'molecular field' diamond molecular field 'enough to allow each magnetization of the magnetic domain active to reach full condition. This kind of spontaneous magnetization called consciously magnetization. Because of its existence, ferromagnetic material is strongly magnetized under weak magnetic field. Therefore, consciously magnetization are the basic characteristics of ferromagnetic material magnet manufacturer, is also a ferromagnetic substance and magnetic differences in site. Ferromagnetic materials have very strong magnetic, first due to they have very strong internal communication, the communication field is derived from the electron spin magnetic moment of the strong coupling between adjacent atoms. Ferromagnet exchange can be positive, and larger, and then the material inside the many small regions, the volume of each small area is about l03mm3, atomic number is 1012 ~ 1015, this small area is called magnetic domain. Inside each domain, parallel to the electron spin magnetic moment is put between adjacent atoms, the mutual effect of lowest energy, and therefore the most stable, and then makes every all atoms in the domain of magnetic moment has the same orientation. Without magnetization ferromagnetics, though within each domain are decided consciously magnetization direction, and the magnetic is very big, but in ordinary temperature, thermal vibration of magnetic domain is unordered, thus its orientation is irregular, the microscopic magnetic substance did not show significant. Magnet manufacturers strong magnet has four points, the main characteristic of the concrete is mainly manifested in the following, below small make up take you to the specific understanding of understanding. 1, there is a certain 'conflict between each domain block after removing the magnetic domain in external magnetic field from the beginning arrange degaussing status back to the original disorder, so even get rid of the external magnetic field, ferromagnetic quality still save some. And paramagnetic material is removed when the external magnetic field, the magnetization immediately goes to zero. Relation between magnetic intensity and magnetic field intensity is not linear, namely the magnetic susceptibility and permeability is not constant, and the magnetic susceptibility and permeability of paramagnetic in temperature is constant. 2, more easily under the effect of outer magnetic field to magnetic and magnetic intensity at the moment no longer with the external magnetic field to add and add, and usually paramagnetic material is hard to reach the magnetic full. 3, the external magnetic field changes, the change in magnetization lags the change of the external magnetic field, the scene is called hysteresis effect. Indicate the hysteresis effect, the ferromagnetic magnetization process contains obvious irreversible process. When outside magnetic field is removed, ferromagnetic still save some magnetism, the magnetic intensity is zero, known as the residual magnetism, this is because of the ferromagnetic doping and other factors are 4, there exists a critical temperature TC, when iron gas products in above TC, the ferromagnetic, ferromagnetic transition ChengShun magnet, TC is called the Curie temperature or Curie point. Near the Curie temperature, magnetic conductivity and specific heat disorders added. Powerful magnet high heat-resistant: magnet manufacturer force magnets and Curie temperature limit is stronger than the ordinary magnet. Whether the powerful magnet materials used are superior to lodestone, so the magnet itself can withstand the limits of temperature rise greatly, ensure the machine can be used in the machine temperature operation. Powerful magnet hardness hard: powerful magnet density of the added rare element, make a magnet than ordinary magnet for hard a lot. When use did not avoid collisions, will not affect the integrity of the magnet. While magnet for fragile can't keep the appearance for a long time. Magnet is in the hands of a strong magnetic force strong, the market children how many COINS as the standard, and a strong magnet is its magnetic force several times and even hundreds times. Powerful magnet magnetic force strong, general installation these powerful magnet of the workers have to be careful, avoid to cause injuries, visible how strong the magnetic force. Practical and save sex: powerful magnet magnet strong not only in performance than ordinary magnets, magnet, its usefulness is far more than ordinary can meet the special needs of various customers. And save sex and not good, ordinary magnet cannot use for a long time, and powerful magnets preserve integrity can be suitable for various cases of large quantities of inventory. 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