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Gauss magnet samples and product value, why are there differences? ( Magnet manufacturers]

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
Gauss magnet samples and product value, why are there differences? Magnet manufacturer to clients we do before the big goods production is generally will give customers proofing confirmed, why be proofing confirmed? Many people will be very curious to ask. Actually this error proofing can avoid a lot of problems, such as customer said how how to make it, and the latter the customer to provide us with a sample after our samples according to production. Although these sound like simple, but it is difficult. We all know the performance of the magnet is need to evaluate, as to how this assessment, we ordinary people don't understand, need to be evaluated by an experienced magnet manufacturer. When we get customer's sample, we can according to the experience of the magnet manufacturer production magnet before use according to determine what performance, but this can't absolutely guarantee. So we will magnet manufacturer is to speculate on experience judgement and physical products to verify. Only in this way can absolutely sure of magnet can fully meet customer requirements. As specializing in the production of magnet magnet manufacturer, we in the customer before production big goods, we will give customers proofing is confirmed, in case the production error. Our magnet manufacturer through these details to improve the quality and service quality of their products, if you have any magnet requirement can contact our magnet yo, we will sincerely service for you!
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