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High performance ndfeb magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-28
High performance ndfeb magnet ndfeb magnet factory in the process of production use produces about 20% of the waste, including turning block and oil waste, etc. Experts suggest that should be abandoned ndfeb material recycling, this is not only beneficial to save resources, avoid the waste of rare earth resources, still can reduce industrial waste, protect the environment, ndfeb magnet factory can satisfy demand for this material at home and abroad, and produce remarkable social benefits and economic benefits. Application of high performance permanent magnet ndfeb magnet easy efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor, namely level IE2 efficiency value. Rare earth permanent magnet motor is high-power ( High speed, high torque) , high functional and miniaturization direction development, expanding new varieties and application fields. At present, the main downstream industries of high performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials are divided into two categories, traditional downstream industries, including VCM motor and personal consumer electronics products; New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industries, including energy saving wind power equipment, energy saving elevator traction machine manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection air conditioning ( Frequency conversion air conditioning) , EPS and hybrid cars. It is worth noting that the energy conservation environmental protection air conditioning and hybrid cars currently demand for high-performance nd-fe-b materials mainly by purchasing the Japanese production of high-performance nd-fe-b materials and content, is not choose high performance ndfeb permanent magnet materials in China. Magnet performance is also points clear, this is related to the magnet you use the product cost is the most reasonable. According to the size of the suction of sintered ndfeb magnet, Under the same size) Divided into: N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 are N50 N52 this eight, and heat resistance of different can be divided into: 80 degrees, 100 degrees 120 degrees, 150 degrees 180 degrees, 200 degrees and 220 degrees, the 7 kinds of different products. Performance and heat resistance increase one level ndfeb magnet cost will increase accordingly. Ndfeb magnet has become promote the development of high and new technology and modern civilization irreplaceable materials, development prospect is optimistic. Especially the abnormity motor magnetic tile, develop faster. Combined with metal and rare element mineral deposits are very abundant in our country, with rich raw material resources and natural products co. , LTD. Dongguan magnet magnet, powerful magnets, profiled magnets, magnet factory, dongguan magnet products co. , LTD
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