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High performance ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet: new energy boost

by:Maghard      2020-09-23
The private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidies may will be announced in July. Regardless of the international auto show in Beijing, or Shanghai world expo, new energy vehicles are well-deserved shows character. Over 90 new energy vehicles at the Beijing international exhibition, more than 30 production soon. We believe that, if properly increase subsidies, and supporting infrastructure is perfect, will become China's new energy vehicles industrialization in this year! So each big enterprise to quickly grab market, accelerate the research and development and production of new energy automobile. At the same time, we think that China has had the requirement of new energy vehicles industrialization. In the national 863 project, remarkable achievements in electric vehicle technology. According to statistics, 863 projects for electric vehicle research and development investment of more than one hundred million yuan, which are currently about 1800 patents, has formed and developed several types of the electric car prototype parts electric car prototype has begun to enter the public announcement. By the end of February, 37 ZhunShengZheng enterprises, 86 kinds of models, including 11 44 hybrid hybrid cars, commercial vehicles, 24 electric commercial vehicles, pure electric cars, 2 of paragraph 5 fuel-cell cars. The rare earth permanent magnet motor is one of the core parts of the new energy vehicles, at present China's production of high-end ndfeb is completely can meet the demand of the new energy automobile motor motor, as the country with the support of new energy vehicles subsidies, whether domestic or outside of the car makers, will be in China, the biggest auto market to competition. The Chinese market with the development of new energy cars will be and global synchronization starts, and from the layout of the European and American automobile manufacturers in China also can sniff out a few. On the hybrid, Japanese manufacturers most mature technology, and the rest of the world's car manufacturers, industrialization ability has been enhanced greatly. In hybrid electric vehicles equipped with 60 kw motor, need 2 - ndfeb permanent magnet materials 3 kg, and to yield 1 million meter, 2000 - 3000 tons of incremental demand directly. And in the light of new energy bus 90 kw motor to calculate, the ndfeb permanent magnet materials required for each motor will reach more than 5 kg, and we believe in 10 - to China During the 13 years, new energy buses and other public transport will be focus on government support. I watch the ndfeb permanent magnet material in the future in extension of new energy vehicles. We think that Europe and the United States and China's auto manufacturers in the field of new energy vehicles to speed up the production schedule, for the whole market will play a role in promoting, and accelerate the market share of new energy vehicles, at the same time to speed up the incremental demand for high-performance ndfeb. We believe that the HEV in car market share of 17%, may not need to 2020. At the current global 3. Production of 5 tons the following 70 million, accounts for 17% of the HEV than, will directly pull the high performance ndfeb 3. More than 50000 tons of incremental demand. If considering new energy buses, trucks, etc. , will be at least 40000 tons of demand, will be the largest neodymium iron boron end demand in the future. In one's current level of the development of electric vehicles, motor has not obstacles, the main factors affecting electric cars from lithium battery technology breakthroughs. Contact us company name dongguan magnet products co. , LTD. : 86 0769 81313183 contact: Mr Mo mobile phone: 13826919856 preach true: 86 0769 81313568 to address: China guangdong dongguan dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial zone of the magnet, powerful magnets, magnet manufacturers, special-shaped magnet
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