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High strength magnets really can make electric meter failure?

by:Maghard      2020-10-03
'high strength magnets can make electric meter failure that rumor has a long history, the earliest can be traced back to - 20 years ago - - - - - - With magnets can let meters go slower rumors' deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. That these so-called energy saving tips really feasible? Through a mechanical meters, and open the electric fan, mobile phone charger, TV set, can see the meter begins to work, the size of the middle part of a display current rotary began to rapidly spinning. Then he put a piece of prepared high energy magnets gradually to be near meters, when the distance becomes zero, gradually began rotary speed is reduced, the slowest speed is only about a third of the original. Can the high energy magnet on the smart meter? We also do the same experiment, the result is does not have any effect. Because a magnetic field detector, are installed in the smart meter can automatically a unstable magnetic field and the radiation around the block, if found abnormal operation, the meter will automatically send the data to monitor the background alarm, power sector field investigation immediately. So high strength magnets can let old mechanical failure, but now with smart meters do not eat this set
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