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High temperature bar magnet where there is a custom manufacturer?

by:Maghard      2020-08-19
High temperature bar magnet where there is a custom manufacturer? High temperature bar magnet with custom? The so-called heat here in our eyes is higher than 100 ° magnet manufacturer of magnet products called high-temperature magnet products. High temperature products applied in daily life is relatively small, because more than 100 °, we compare the common product is boiled water. Of course, a lot of machines on the industrial equipment and so on are all higher than 100 °, so there is no doubt that we will feel the above high temperature magnets are used in industry. * above is magnets custom factory workshop based on this, in the corner of high temperature magnet should need how to custom? When the custom and what items need to be aware of? High temperature magnet materials, the price will be relatively ordinary magnet materials, the price will be increased, and high temperature is generally customized magnet application, it is hard to like ordinary magnet can be used for other above, because it will cost price is relatively high. And we need to put the magnet polarity direction before we custom magnets made clear, avoid make a mistake in the pole in the process of production, because the direction of the magnetic poles to make wrong, may cause the whole shipment be can't use, waste cost. So, in order to avoid this situation, we in the production of time want to confirm the direction of magnetic pole, as a professional manufacturer of magnet custom magnets for this kind of situation, is our magnets custom manufacturer must be some basic consciousness, so you in our magnet magnet production time we will help you avoid this problem. Later if you have any questions in the aspect of magnets custom, yo can contact our magnets, we will answer for you. High temperature bar magnet where there is a custom manufacturer? Looking for a magnet!
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