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How can you cut the magnet order?

by:Maghard      2020-09-15
Want to cut the magnet, usually with slicer cutting knife, but first to fixed magnet magnetic steel factory, and will adjust size slicer, before being cut. Its shape slice processing methods are: grinding slice magnet factory machining, electrical discharge machining, laser cutting slice processing on the practical application of ndfeb permanent magnet is a variety of shape and performance, for example: wafer, cylindrical, rings, cylinder ( There are inner hole) ; Square piece, square; Fan, tile type, trapezoid, hollow, much Angle of a polygon, and irregular shape abnormity, etc. Each piece of different shapes of the permanent magnet size, performance, tolerance values, has a different magnetization. Magnets in the production process of hard to do a molding, shenzhen Mr Al magnetoelectric general production process are large output ( Big size) The blank, after cutting a magnet sintering and smelting processing through mechanical processing 【 Including cutting, punching, chamfering 】 Peace grinding, the surface coating treatment, and then to the magnetization treatment. The best product for dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and smoke test detection such as packaged goods.
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