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How is magnet manufacturers of ndfeb magnet order process?

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
How is magnet manufacturers of ndfeb magnet order process? Ndfeb magnet made a basic job content is our magnet manufacturer, magnet needs of our customers is various, for our magnet manufacturer, we produce the magnets with customer demand for we must be going to production. So, if we have a magnet requirements, what should we do? Magnets below our factory to talk about it. First of all, we contact the magnet manufacturers, and then communicate with factory and provide the corresponding drawings, if there is no drawings, we have to be good to communicate with magnet manufacturer specific product size, product performance and requirements, and plating, and tell us the actual use of this product and professional magnet manufacturer will give you for product evaluation, and gives the corresponding solutions, when determine the solution. Arrange proofing production, after sample confirmed OK, magnet manufacturers need to pay the deposit, then start mass production. Through the interpretation of the above, you now know our magnet manufacturers of ndfeb magnet order process about the preliminary understanding?
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