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How many production lines does Maghard Flexible Magnet run?
The number of production lines allows Dongguan Maghard Flexible Magnet Co. Ltdexpanding our ability to develop new markets and generate the required production capacity. Our factory has introduced the international leading, domestic first-class standardized production line. In addition to an effective production line, we have gathered experienced and highly qualified technical backbones and management talents.

Maghard Flexible Magnet is expanding its factory scale to get higher capacity for Magnetic Sheet. According to the material, Maghard Flexible Magnet's products are divided into several categories, and Magnetic Dress-up Set is one of them. The latest idea of its magnetic responsibility chart combines the advanced technology and fashionable trend together. It is flexible and can be cut with trimmers or household scissors. Customers are rather positive to the market application of the product. It features a good ratio of magnetic effect to volume or weight.

We have been committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. During production, we do our best to reduce the negative impact, such as treating waste scientifically and reducing resources waste.
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