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How much do you know a powerful magnet?

by:Maghard      2020-09-16
Magnet is not in what is a rarity in our daily life, its applications have become more and more widely, both high-tech products and the most simple packaging, dongguan magnet is most widely used and powerful magnets. Industry in the rapid progress of powerful magnets in every link will appear in industry. Has been used as a toy in childhood, powerful magnets look from the literal meaning is very strong magnets, magnetic in professional terminology, is without any additional magnetic field, can maintain its own magnetic for long an object. According to material and data can often be a decade-long, powerful magnets includes materials such as iron, nickel. Magnet is a general term, as long as can usually magnet has magnetism, but it isn't really composition containing iron. A pure iron itself is not magnetic, only near the powerful magnets will produce induction, iron is common with magnetic element is a substance, such as neodymium, iron, boron mixture of will have strong magnetic. Powerful magnet manufacturing process is not complicated, can be made into smaller or more cheap products, on the design also can be free to design. In my life is very common, such as a strong magnet in the application of the valve, there are two kinds of valve with a strong magnet is a kind of switch type is another kind of proportion type. Powerful magnet is mainly used to control valve of the reversing switch type, as well as the system of unloading and loading; Proportional type is used on all kinds of proportional valve, of course, is mainly used to control the direction of liquid flow, pressure, and flow. Proportional type powerful magnets in operation to maintain constant magnetic properties, with this feature will greatly improve its application scope.
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