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How powerful magnet demagnetization? Dongguan magnet manufacturer to tell you

by:Maghard      2020-08-25
How powerful magnet demagnetization? Dongguan magnet manufacturer to tell you that in our eyes, dongguan magnet manufacturer demagnetization though this link is we are not common, but also some customers is to the magnet demagnetization, so we dongguan magnet factory will also cooperate with customers in demagnetization. So how are we to the magnet demagnetization? Demagnetization method currently used more is heating demagnetization, impact demagnetization also is to have, but not commonly used, because the impact would bump broken the magnet, which can lead to scrap. Then we compared the commonly used heating demagnetization is how to do? First of all, as the chart formation on the heating plate, the magnet magnet demagnetization process through the study of the electrical heating of the heating plate, let the temperature reached a certain degree, the magnet magnetic molecular structure by thermal damage, magnetism will be reduced to disappear. On the heating plate heat, we should pay attention to don't let the temperature too high, the magnet electric plating melt, because the melt can make the product appearance. So we can observe the magnet have loose phenomenon, we can take MuGunZi stirring, mix the demagnetization of magnets out of the heating plate. We the demagnetization of magnets manufacturer way is through such a process to demagnetization. If you have any questions, do not understand, you can CALL us.
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