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How powerful magnet magnetic field shielding

by:Maghard      2020-09-16
Powerful magnet or magnetic ndfeb magnet is particularly big, sometimes interfere with some electronic products. In air transport of electromagnetic products also have certain limits. Now in the domestic magnetic products are banned by air, electromagnetic products on the international transportation has very strict rules. We have to make wrong magnet magnetic field influence these objects or reduce the impact? There is, it's blocking it. Our general ordinary iron plate for shielding the magnetic field. Higher requirements of magnetic shielding need high permeability material, meet the requirements of the material is iron nickel alloy, this material has the very high magnetic permeability. When you need to shield the magnetic field is very strong, only use single layer shielding materials, is not short of shielding requirements, will happen is saturated. At this time, a method is to increase the thickness of the material. But more effective method is to use a combination of shielding, a shield on another screen, leave any wind gap between them. Inside the air gap can fill any non magnetic permeability material, such as aluminum. Composite shielding shielding effectiveness than single shield is much higher, so the combination of shield weak fields can be reduced to a very low level.
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