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How should the installation after customized motor magnets?

by:Maghard      2020-09-01
How should the installation after customized motor magnets? Motor, it is common in our daily life and industrial production of a machine equipment, because it has a very wide range of use. Due to the high speed and high temperature of the motor work, often it is bound to change motor magnets. Original motor magnets, are generally not installed when they leave, the motor magnets from our point of view is a very common magnets, nothing special, so when we in the change of thought is very simple, actually, not. Motor magnets it must remain the same as the original pole installation, at the time of motor magnets is square, we should be how to install? Before we can change, through the magnetic suction, to determine the rotor's magnetic pole, we installed to replace the original motor magnets, we will take to install the magnet to the original magnets, to suck up to the surface of the wall is installed to the motor, the opposite to the rotor. We often think that the magnet is very simple, just install the good, but inside the motor, if the wrong magnet, it won't move on, so must be packed into the magnetic suction in the same direction. By magnet manufacturer magnet installation of the motor's explanation, we know that motor magnet installation techniques, if still have what can contact our magnet manufacturer about the magnet learning consultation yo.
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