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how to build a magnetic boxcar

by:Maghard      2020-03-06
Want a car that doesn\'t need gas?
Then learn how to build your own magnetic box car.
With the huge magnetic force on your side, your car will cruise soon!
For this project, you need the following: pencil compass1 sheet cardbodtapessorsmodeling claytoospicks2 \"month 1/2\" box2 magnetsstraws1.
Stick one of our magnets to the box with tape. 2.
Take out the drawer and put the magnet in. 3.
Take a few pieces of tape and tie the magnet to the cardboard. 4.
When your magnet is firmly stuck in the drawer, put the drawer back in the box.
Make sure that the \"attraction\" of the magnet is placed in the drawer face down. 5.
Make wheel accessories for your car.
Cut your straw into two pieces of 1-inch long.
Your Straw should be as large as the width of your box.
When you cut the straws into the right size, tie them to the bottom of your car. 6.
Put the straw where the wheel will go. 7.
Pick up your kabob stick and cut off two 2-inch pieces for our axle.
You can measure your axle with your box. 8.
Just make sure the kabob stick is a little longer than the width of your box so your tires can move.
Once you cut your kabob sticks into size, insert them into a straw. 9.
Now that our wheels are ready, it\'s time to make our tires.
Make 4 circles on cardboard with your compass.
They must be the same size.
When you finish drawing each wheel, cut them off and make sure there is an adult around you whenever you use scissors. 10.
Now, when you cut all the wheels off;
By poking the shafts into the center of the wheel, attach them to the wheel axle.
Connect the clay to the tip edge of each wheel.
To get your car moving, put it on a flat table top and put your other magnet under the table.
Make sure you have the sides of the magnet and click on the activitytv to watch this video.
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