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How to choose the appropriate box powerful magnets

by:Maghard      2020-09-10
Powerful magnets, we are in word seems to be magnetic strong magnet. The powerful magnets for our magnet manufacturer is actually very ordinary a magnet, because he is, however, ordinary magnets, so he application scope is very broad. As the use of the above, the box is very cultured. Our packing box when choosing magnet also paid special attention to. Because of the strong magnet magnetic is very strong, and is composed of ndfeb rare-earth sintered magnets. Box when choosing a powerful magnet to choosing the best magnetic, unfavorable choose too magnetic, magnetic too much can lead to a packing box in turn over too much, easy to cause damage or deformation, box in adsorption, however, will cause shock damage to the magnet. In this situation, our magnet you are advised to box when choosing powerful magnets, magnet magnetic problems should be fully considered, so that can protect packing box, can also avoid the magnet in adsorption, wrecked the magnet. To avoid the unnecessary cost. If you have any problem in packing box choose powerful magnets, can yo magnet manufacturers contact with us, we magnets will answer for you powerful magnets related questions! Remember oh! We are magnet website/welcome your coming!
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